Want to know more about the impact the proposed religious discrimination Bill will have on access to healthcare? We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

All Australians deserve access to quality healthcare regardless of where they live, who they are or whom they love. The proposed religious discrimination bill prioritises the personal religious views of health professionals over the needs of their patients.  

This Bill could affect women trying to get the Pill, people seeking access to sexual health, reproductive or family planning services, and LGBTIQ+ people simply trying to access essential health services.  

This Bill undermines the positive progress made to close the gaps in access to quality care for LGBTIQ+ people.  LGBTIQ+ people will not feel safe to disclose information about their lives to their doctor, pharmacist or other health professional for fear they will be judged or turned away before receiving medical treatment.

Service providers who want to do the right thing, will be forced to accommodate staff with religious objections to treating LGBTIQ+ people. Despite those objections being contrary to an organisation’s mission of providing healthcare for all, even when that service is government-funded.

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