WA has some of the worst laws in the country for gender recognition

For some trans and gender diverse people born in WA, changing your birth certificate can be impossible.

WA is the only state in Australia to still rely on a 'Gender Reassignment Board' (GRB) - a group of doctors and psychologists that decide if someone can legally change their gender.

While the Government has committed to binning the board for good, a new pathway is needed for gender recognition across the state.

Will you take a minute to send a message of support to make changing your legal gender respectful and accessible?

Send a letter to your wa mp

Here are some talking points to make your letter strong and easy to write. The more you personalise it, the more powerful it will be.  

  • I urge the government to act on your commitment to ease the access of legal gender recognition to trans and gender diverse West Australians.
  • I call on you to make getting a government ID that matches who we are accessible, simple and low cost. It should not require surgery, or medical "proof". Trans and gender diverse people know who they are and should be able to self identify.
  • I call on you to abolish the Gender Reassignment Board.
  • Making these changes would bring WA into line with most other states.

wa gender recognition flyer