NSW has the worst laws
in the country for
LGBTIQ+ equality

We have an opportunity to make a once in a generation change for our community.  

The Equality Bills will make our lives better. But they need to become law before they can help anyone. 

While the NSW government has committed to ending conversion practices, we need to make sure it happens quickly. 

Right now, politicians are being flooded with messages opposing the Equality Bills. We need to write back. 

Will you take a minute to send your NSW MP a message of support for these reforms? 

How can you help?

Here are some talking points to make your letter strong and easy to write. The more you personalise it, the more powerful it will be.  

  • NSW has the worst laws in the country for LGBTIQ+ people. 
  • I support ending harmful and damaging conversion practices and urge you to act on this as a top priority. 
  • The NSW Government must act in the interests of our communities – not those who discriminate against us. 
  • The LGBTIQA+ Equality Bill will bring NSW in line with other states by:  
    • Allowing trans and gender diverse people to update their gender on birth certificates. 
    • Improving access to health care. 
    • Protecting our community from discrimination. 

How does NSW Compare


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