CEO Anna Brown launching Equality Australia with the rest of the team in behind her

About Equality Australia

Born out of the marriage equality campaign, we are Australia’s first national legal advocacy and campaigning organisation dedicated to achieving equality for LGBTIQ+ people.

The resounding YES result of the same-sex marriage vote shows that Australians know that equality makes us stronger. But we are not done yet.

Faith-based schools are allowed to legally expel trans and gay students, as well as fire teachers because of their sexuality or gender identity. Trans and gender diverse people face unreasonable and unnecessary barriers to update their identity documents. People born with intersex (a combination of male and female) biological characteristics are considered broken and subjected to ‘normalising’ treatments and surgeries as infants and children before they can ever give consent.  So-called ‘conversion therapy’ is still happening inside certain religious communities that see gay and trans people as sick and broken, instead of human and whole.

We stand together and we stand proud because no one deserves to be treated as less-than for simply being who they are. Not the rainbow family. Not the trans teenager. Not the teacher or student just trying to go to school.

We are working with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer people to build the power, voices and influence of our communities through partnerships, advocacy and mobilisation.

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