Let's End conversion practices

Every one of us deserves to be respected for who we are.

But practices that seek to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity cause real and lasting harm, whether they occur in religious or health settings.

They’re based on the lie that LGBTQA+ people are broken or disordered and that our sexuality or gender identity needs to be ‘healed’, ‘treated’ or ‘suppressed’. 

The ACT, VIC, QLD and NSW have put a stop to these damaging practices. Now we need the rest of Australia to catch up by calling leaders in laggard states to develop laws that:

  • Protect all LGBTQA+ people;
  • Apply to any setting, including religious settings; and
  • Prevent harm before it occurs, by including a civil response that focuses on education.

Will you sign our petition calling on the rest of Australia to put a stop to conversion practices?

We need your support to put a stop to conversion practices across Australia.

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