Sydney WorldPride
Human Rights Conference

“When you leave this place and go back to your homes – whether that be across the bridge, across the country or across the seas – we want you to feel part of an unstoppable movement for change.”

Anna Brown OAM,
CEO of Equality Australia, lead community partner for the HRC,March 1, 2023

The award-winning Human Rights Conference secured its place in history as the centrepiece of the first WorldPride festival ever to be held in the Asia Pacific region.

Our communities came together in March 2023 and brought to the world’s attention vital LGBTQIA+ issues, shining a spotlight on injustices in every corner of the globe and hearing about lived experiences first-hand.

Over three days people heard from human rights defenders and activists, First Nations elders, parliamentarians, UN experts, academics and business and community leaders on the key human rights issues facing LGBTQIA+ people around the world.

Local and international press coverage brought the human rights issues faced by rainbow communities into Australian people’s homes and across the world. Australian Governments used the platform to make historic announcements that will drive change for LGBTIQA+ people on the ground both in Australia and our region.

Pre-conference caucuses, receptions and multi-lateral meetings connected policy-makers and administrators with the leaders of our movement, building momentum for change across the globe.

Why was the Conference so important for our communities, how did we build it and what did it achieve? Read our final report to learn more:

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