Call on Cumberland Council

My name is Caroline and my husband and I moved to Lidcombe in Sydney in 1985 to raise our young family.

As my family grew we became actively involved in a wide range of community and sporting groups. I have been proud to raise my children in a diverse multicultural community that seeks to welcome people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

But last week my local council, Cumberland Council, passed a motion that made me fear for the safety of the rainbow families in our community and the future cohesion of our community. They passed an amendment to the Library Strategy 2024-2027 that bans books featuring same-sex parents from our public libraries.

This crosses a dangerous line. Our area welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs, we’re not about banning books just because someone does not like who is in them.

There is time to reverse this decision at the next council meeting, and I’ll be there to help make that happen.

Please sign the petition and I will deliver it directly at the next council meeting.

*This petition will be presented to Council by Caroline on Wednesday 15 May, on behalf of everyone who wants their local libraries to welcome different people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Caroline is a long-time resident in the Cumberland area, a mother of 4 adult children, and a proud grandmother to a rainbow family.*

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