NSW government delays banning conversion practices till next year

24 November - Equality Australia has today expressed disappointment and urged the NSW Government to get its key LGBTIQ+ election commitment back on track, after the Minns Government announced it would delay its ban on LGBTQA+ conversion practices until next year.

Ghassan Kassisieh Legal Director of Equality Australia said: “It’s disappointing that the key LGBTIQ+ election commitment of the NSW Government, to ban LGBTQA+ conversion practices, has been delayed until next year.  

“This could have been done quicker and simpler if the NSW Government had centred the voices of conversion survivors over the noise from those who seek to continue harmful practices that attempt to change or suppress who we are. 

“It’s time the NSW Government got its key LGBTIQ+ election commitment back on track by using this time to listen to the voices of those who have been harmed and deliver what’s needed to end LGBTQA+ conversion practices. 

“The NSW Government must deliver legislation that prevents the psychological damage and trauma that conversion practices cause, in whichever settings they occur.  

“To prevent harm from continuing, we cannot allow safe harbours for abuse to remain in any setting, including in religious settings. That’s why a strong prohibition backed by a civil response scheme that is focused on education and prevention is central to any successful reform.” 

Contact: Mike Hitch Mike.hitch@equalityaustralia.org.au0426 812 115