It’s been 45 years since the trailblazing 78ers stepped ‘out of the bars and into the streets’. 

Since that first Mardi Gras protest, we’ve come so far. We’ve fought to decriminalise our love, have our relationships and our families recognised, to be protected from discrimination, and to be recognised for who we are.

And 5 years ago, we said YES to marriage equality.

This Sydney WorldPride, there’s much to celebrate; but there’s so much more to do.

That’s why we’re celebrating all that’s been achieved, and calling on the Federal Government to:  

  1. Fix our laws to ensure LGBTIQ+ people are free from discrimination
  2. Get government delivering on LGBTIQ+ equality and wellbeing
  3. Support LGBTIQ+ human rights across Asia and the Pacific

Will you be part of what’s next in the fight for LGBTIQ+ equality?

Want more details?

LGBTIQ+ people experience disproportionately high rates of depression, anxiety, suicide and self-harm when compared to the rest of the population. To improve these indicators, we must address the social stigma and legal discrimination that drives the disadvantage and distress that LGBTIQ+ still experience, simply because of who they are or whom they love.

The government must:

  1. Count LGBTIQ+ people properly in the next census.
  2. Increase funding for LGBTIQ+ suicide prevention and mental health
  3. Ensure better access to gender affirming healthcare
  4. Work with the states to end LGBTQA+ conversion practices
  5. Work with states to end deferrable medical interventions on intersex people without their consent.
  6. Ensure government decision making and services are inclusive of LGBTIQ+ people
  7. Increase support for LGBTIQ+ community organisations

Asia Pacific region is home to a vibrant and growing LGBTIQ+ rights movement. Local communities and their allies are building real momentum for equality, with six Pacific Island countries decriminalising same-sex relationships since 2005, winding back – in some instances – colonial era laws.

Australia has the opportunity to better support LGBTIQ+ leadership in the region and globally, by Partnering with Pride to:

  • Develop a strategy to guide Australia’s support for LGBTQ+ human rights
  • Provide $15 million per year for LGBTIQ+ community groups in the region to help prevent legal and social stigma and discrimination
  • Ensure Australia’s high-level representatives promote and uphold the rights of LGBTIQ+ people around the world