Want to know more about how the proposed Religious Discrimination Bill will impact your workplace? We’ve done the work for you.

All Australians deserve to have their rights protected, regardless of where they work, who they are or whom they love.

The ‘No Consequences clause’ prevents big employers from creating inclusive workplaces. The clause makes it difficult for employers to protect their staff and clients despite having created policies to ensure equality. When a person behaves in a way that makes their clients, or colleagues feel uncomfortable, scared, and mistreated there should be consequences. But this Bill prioritise those with religious views at the expense all other Australians. It opens avenues for attack on LGBTIQ+ people, women, minority faith communities and people with disabilities.

But if you want to express non-religious views, or if you work in a smaller organisation or the public sector, this Bill offers you no protection. Unfair double standards shouldn’t exist in our laws.

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