Tell your MP why you oppose the bill

The redrafted Religious Discrimination Bill will privilege certain religious views to the detriment of LGBTIQ+ people, women, minority faith communities and people with disabilities. 

Write to your MP telling them why they should oppose the Religious Discrimination Bill.

The Bill makes it harder for health sector employers and professional bodies to ensure doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, and psychologists do not refuse treatment to people on religious grounds.

The Bill removes discrimination protections for LGBTIQ+ people, women, people with disability, and others when people make certain statements which are discriminatory based in religion. 

Religious organisations will be allowed to discriminate against others with different beliefs or no belief, even when providing publicly funded services.  People will be provided protections when they engage in religious activity that breaches local by-laws which we all have to follow. 

Your letter will be more effective if you personalise it. You can use our letter to get you started or start from scratch.

Our top tips to writing a great letter are:

  • Give personal reasons to explain why this issue is important to you   
  • Use your own words 
  • Always be polite  

You don’t need to add a greeting, or address details such as your name or your MPs name, these will be added automatically.   

Learn more about the damaging impacts of Bill:

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