What the new birth certificate legislation means to me

Sage Akouri tells us why new Victorian birth certificate legislation means to them For a really long time now I have known that the word on my birth certificate used to define my ‘sex’ has not matched up to my identity and has caused me a lot of distress throughout my life. I have put myself at risk […]

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Settlement between Rugby Australia and Israel Folau shows that there is no need for new religious discrimination law

December 4, 2019 Today’s settlement between Rugby Australia and Israel Folau is welcomed by Equality Australia.  It draws a line under what has been a divisive and hurtful period for LGBTIQ+ people in rugby, in sport and more generally.    It proves that there is no need for a new law, especially one that would limit the right of employers to have codes of […]

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Fairer birth certificate laws for Victoria

Last year, after years of advocacy, and a narrowly defeated Bill in 2016,the Victorian Government passed a Bill to amend the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1996 (Vic) removing barriers for trans and gender diverse people changing the legal gender on their birth certificates.   Together, we made history. People born in Victoria can now apply for a […]

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Election survey

We believe it’s vital that all voters are informed when they go to the polls on 18 May. We’ve been working hard lobby both sides of politics asking they make their policies and positions clear. So that you know where they stand we’ve surveyed the major parties on issues effecting LGBTIQ+ voters and hosted a […]

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Transgender Day of Visibility

Trans and gender diverse people deserve to be free to live their lives and make their own choices. But today in Australia, trans and gender diverse people continue to be on the front lines of the fight for LGBT equality. We are the ones who are attacked most visibly and directly – whether it be […]

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We’re launching

When we work together, we have the power to change laws and change lives. The resounding YES result of one year ago shows that Australians know that equality makes us stronger. And we are not done yet.

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