Conservative religious groups are pushing for a Religious Discrimination Bill that would hand them a licence to discriminate against LGBTIQ+ people and women.

Equality Australia and Fair Agenda are calling on the PM and parliament to consult with LGBTIQ+ people and women to ensure we are protected equally. Can you join us?

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Dear Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other Members of Parliament,

Discrimination causes incredible harm – to physical and mental health, and to an individual’s sense of acceptance and belonging.

Given that, we strongly support amending laws so all people – including people of faith – are protected from harm.

We need laws that ensure people of faith, women and LGBTIQ+ people are equally protected from discrimination and harm.

That means laws that provide a shield of protection to those who need it, but that don’t hand organisations or individuals a license to discriminate against and attack others.

We know that LGBTIQ+ people and women are the most likely to be negatively impacted by religious anti-discrimination laws which don’t get this balance right.

We strongly urge you and every Member of Parliament, to consult with all potential affected communities and ensure everyone is equally protected.

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