WA Election

With WA going to the polls this Saturday, you told us and our friends at Rainbow Futures WA what LGBTIQ+ issues mattered to you.

Now, before you vote this weekend, find out where the parties’ stand on your top LGBTIQ+ priorities:

  • Ending LGBTQ+ conversion practices
  • Ensuring discrimination laws protect all of us, no matter where we work, study or access services
  • Ensuring people born with intersex variations have control over what happens to their bodies
  • Ensuring trans and gender diverse people have ID documents that reflect who they are, without the need for surgery or medical treatment
  • Ensuring the kids of gay dads and single parents are legally recognised under WA surrogacy laws
  • Ensuring inclusive government service provision

You can read each party’s full response here:

Read the full Rainbow Futures WA report on our community survey.