Boy, Girl, Artist, Advocate. Courtney Act is more than just the sum of her parts. Courtney has been a visible queer face in the mainstream for over 20 years with groundbreaking appearances on Australian Idol,  RuPauls Drag Race, Celebrity Big Brother UK, & Dancing With The Stars, driven by the motivation to be the person she needed, but didn’t, see on TV when she was little. Courtney has used reality TV as a medium to reach the masses and get a seat at the table changing hearts and minds through her visibility. As a patron of Equality Australia Courtney says “I love the opportunity of using my platform to bring attention to the work Equality Australia do. I love the practical, action based approach they take in changing minds and legislation through their front footed approach”. 

Courtney can be seen hosting her third season of One Plus One on the ABC where she curates a diverse and fascinating list of guests to interview. Her memoir Caught In The Act is a national bestseller and beautifully tells the story of growing up queer in Brisbane in the 80’s & 90’s and coming of age on Sydney’s vibrant Oxford Street at the turn of the millennium. 

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