Equality, Without Exceptions

Equality, Without Exceptions

Three years ago, Ian Thorpe asked us to stand with him to stop Scott Morrison’s damaging religious discrimination Bill.

Now Ian is partnering with Equality Australia again to ask for your support.

Right now, Queer students and staff in religious schools can be expelled or fired, and women can be discriminated against for not being married or for being pregnant outside of marriage.

We need to keep the pressure on to ensure the Government fixes these laws. To do that, we'll need to ratchet up the campaign, with:

  • More attention-grabbing work in the media,
  • More expert legal resources and,
  • More first-person stories reaching decision makers.

Can you chip in now to make sure our call cuts through the noise and pressures the government to protect our community?

Until June 30, donations up to $100,000 will be matched by generous Equality Australia supporters, Carol and Skipp.