LGBTIQ+ National Network – assisting direct service organisations

Equality Australia regularly convenes its LGBTIQ+ National Network to provide support to LGBTIQ+ and allied organisations working to support LGBTIQ+ people to relieve their disadvantage and suffering directly.

We share information and resources, including our legal, policy and communications expertise, to ensure these agencies have the support they need to deliver for our communities. 

To join the LGBTIQ+ National Network, email us with information on your community organisation.  It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, volunteer-run or a registered charity.

Other organisations

Equality Australia also works broadly with non-LGBTIQ+ organisations to provide them with information and resources to further support LGBTIQ+ people who use their services or interact with them.

If your organisation is interested in learning more about how it can better support LGBTIQ+ people interacting your organisation, get in touch with us by email.  

We can keep you informed on our work and upcoming issues.

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