Everyone should be able to make their own choices about what happens to their body.   

But many intersex people still don’t have a say about medical procedures performed on their bodies that modify their sex characteristics. 

This can have lifelong consequences.

Although the ACT and Victorian governments have publicly committed to ending these procedures, they haven’t yet introduced new laws. More needs to be done.

Stand with the intersex community to demand reforms in every state and territory, that:

  • End unnecessary medical procedures modifying the sex characteristics of intersex people without their personal consent; 
  • Establish an independent body, including members with lived experience, to oversee decisions where medical procedures are necessary but the the person is unable to provide consent;
  • Ensure intersex people are provided with fair and accurate information and support to be able to make fully informed decisions about their own healthcare;
  • Fund and provide access to affirming peer support, counselling and other intersex-led resources to ensure intersex people and their families are supported at every step in their journey;
  • Address stigma and discrimination through public and targeted education initiatives;
  • Redress the injustices of the past and provide support for healing. 

Will you pledge to stand with intersex people today?

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