5 July 2019 

In advance of the upcoming debate in federal parliament on religious discrimination, community groups supporting lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, and queer people have released a self care resource. The resource provides advice on how to limit the negative impact of the anticipated culture wars-style public debate on LGBTQIA+ people, especially those of faith.  

“Switchboard Victoria experienced firsthand, during the 2017 postal survey, how an open-ended public debate on our human rights detrimentally affects the mental health of our communities” said Joe Ball*, CEO of Switchboard Victoria. 

“The level of harm experienced during the marriage postal survey is why we have designed this infographic that promotes self care and joined with Equality Australia and the LGBTI Health Alliance to distribute this important resource.” 

“Positioning our LGBTIQA+ rights as in conflict with people of faith’s rights is a false binary that we openly reject”, said Ball.  

“The Morrison Government needs to recognise that their commitment to introducing a Religious Discrimination Bill will have an impact on LGBTIQ+ people, because of the public debate it will stir up” said Lee Carnie*, Director of Legal Advocacy at Equality Australia.  

“The LGBTIQ+ community is rightly fearful about conservative religious groups agitating hard to wind back our hard-won protections from discrimination. 

“We know that our community is one that fights for what is right and supports each other. The decade-long movement for marriage equality is a prime example of that. We’re now facing the next battle for LGBTIQ+ equality, and this important resource is about reminding people to take care of themselves when they’re repeatedly being exposed to toxic or hateful posts online”, said Carnie. 

View the self care resource here: http://www.switchboard.org.au/resources/ 

*uses they/them pronouns 


Equality Australia – Hayley Conway, 0484 313 466 

Switchboard – Joe Ball, 03 9663 2474 | 0455 777 182 | ceo@switchboard.org.au 


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