#EqualityVotes: How do the parties stack up on LGBTIQ+ issues?

Ahead of the 2022 Federal election we reached out to the major parties asking them where they stand on the key issues facing LGBTIQ+ people in Australia, so that our community would have the information we need before casting our vote.

Our team has summarised this information into a simple scorecard, mapping it against the priorities identified by almost 8000 LGBTIQ+ people and supporters who responded to our community survey earlier this year.

It’s clear that no matter which major party forms government this election, our community will have to continue to work together to fight for equality and to ensure that every one of us can live our lives free from discrimination and harm. But right now we want to make sure that our community has the information they need ahead of this weekend. 

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In the scorecard above, we’ve rated the responses using a traffic-light system, for easy reference. But this obscures some specific differences between the parties.

Read our full policy analysis

We have analysed the policies of the major parties in detail to show where they are delivering, and where they need to do more work. Check it out below.

For more detailed analysis of commitments concerning LGBTIQ+ health, HIV and intersex human rights, visit: AFAO, Intersex Human Rights Australia, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia.

Survey Responses

To produce our scorecard we sent out a survey to each party. You can read their original responses here:

Authorised by Anna Brown, Equality Australia, 414 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

Equality Australia does not endorse or oppose any party or candidate. We have summarised the responses received from the Coalition, Labor and Greens to our election party survey. You can see the full response of the parties, as well as independent candidates, on our website: www.equalityaustralia.org.au.

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