Martyn Iles from the Australian Christian Lobby has been talking big on the radio, claiming that the ACL is just days away from striking a deal with the Morrison Government on the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Our laws should protect all of us, equally. But instead, the Australian Christian Lobby is trying to strike a divisive political deal, trading away the hard fought rights of the LGBTIQ+ community, women, people with disability, and even people of faith who don’t agree with them.

We need to demonstrate that the ACL’s position is wildly out of step with the Australian community, and that we want our leaders to unite us, not divide us.

Will you write to your government MP or Senator to tell them why they should stand up for laws that protect all of us, equally?

Your letter will be most effective if you personalise it. You can either use our letter to get you started or start from scratch. Our top tips to writing a great letter are:  

  • Let your MP know the personal reasons this issue is important to you  
  • Use your own words  
  • Always be polite  
  • Write your own subject line! Don’t use the default one as it can be filtered out if there are too many with the same subject.

You don’t need to add address details such as your name or your MP or Senator’s name, these will be added automatically.