The Northern Territory Government has introduced laws to better protect LGBTIQ+ people and other Territorians from discrimination.

This is a landmark moment for our community and follows years of hard work from local advocates. 

The Bill better protects all LGBTIQ+ people from discrimination and vilification, including LGBTQ+ staff working in religious schools. It introduces inclusive definitions that protect everyone regardless of our sexual orientation, gender identity or sex characteristics.

The Bill also improves the framework that protects all of us from discrimination, including people with disability and people who are experiencing homelessness, unemployment or domestic and family violence.

This is a significant step forward, but the laws need improvement to ensure they protect everyone properly, including removing language which stigmatises people living with HIV or hepatitis. 

Will you sign the petition and tell the NT Parliament to support laws that protect all Territorians?

Read the petition below

To: Attorney-General Chansey Paech and Members of the NT Parliament

We, the undersigned, welcome the introduction of landmark reforms that protect all LGBTIQ+ Territorians from discrimination and vilification. 

We support removing carve-outs that allow religious schools and organisations to discriminate against LGBTQ+ workers and people who rely on their services.

We call on all Members of Parliament to ensure that no one is left behind. 

We urge the Parliament to improve the laws before they are passed to ensure they protect everyone properly, including by removing language which stigmatises people with HIV or hepatitis.