On May 14th organise a sports day in your community to show support for keeping sport inclusive.

On May 14th, one week before the Federal Election, we are calling for allies and members of the LGBTIQ+ community to hold inclusive sports days across the country to show solidarity with the trans community and send a clear message to all candidates that sport is for everyone.

The public debate of the last few weeks has been incredibly harmful to the trans community. By coming together we can show our opposition to Senator Chandlers cruel anti-trans bill, and call on all candidates and commentators to treat trans people with the dignity and respect we deserve.

Sign up below to attend an event, organise your own, or hear more about the pride day.

Your event can be as simple as hosting a group swim at the beach, holding a drop-in session with your sports club, or it can be a full-on sports carnival held in a local park with multiple events. The choice is up to you. Include guest speakers, paint a ‘Sport is for Everyone’ banner, and make sure to take plenty of photos.

Equality Australia will provide lots of peer-to-peer support to help answer your questions and make sure your event go off without a hitch. Sign up to receive a event toolkit with step by step instructions on how to be a part of the day [being sent out on Monday].

On the day we welcome candidates from all parties to come down and meet members and allies of the trans community in person, hear our stories, and play alongside us. Let’s stand together and demand that whoever forms government works towards making sure that all of our communities are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.