We, the undersigned, call on all political parties and candidates to treat LGBTIQ+ people with dignity and respect, and to campaign in a way that does not undermine our community’s health and wellbeing.

Everyone in Australia deserves to live with dignity and respect, no matter who we are, or whom we love. All of us deserve to live free from discrimination and to participate in our community, social and political life on equal terms. 

We believe that the role of our future government and our parliament should be to uphold these principles, and to govern for all of us. 

This election campaign, some will seek to divide us. But all politicians have an opportunity to stand up for LGBTIQ+ people, particularly trans and gender diverse people. 

Debating the lives of LGBTIQ+ people or their right to equality only serves to further marginalise people. It increases disadvantage and distress and drives negative mental health outcomes amongst some of the most vulnerable in our community. 

We call on all candidates and parties to reject any attempts to divide us and commit to treating all people with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

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