Write to your Members of the Legislative Council

Right now Victorian upper house members are being inundated with letters from conservative religious groups and other anti-trans organisations who want to deny trans and gender diverse people ID that matches their gender.

These reforms are vital for the health and wellbeing of trans and gender diverse Victorians and are long overdue. We can’t let them fail at this last hurdle.  

We need you to write to your MLCs and ask them to support these reforms.  

Your letter will mean more if you personalise it, you can use our letter to get you started or start from scratch. Our top tips to writing a great letter are; 

  • Let your MLC know the personal reasons this issue is important to you  
  • Use your own words  
  • Always be polite  

You don’t need to add address details such as your name or your MPs name, these will be added automatically.  

Not in Victoria? You can still pledge your support for these reforms and we will let you know where there are other ways you can get involved.

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