April 16, 2020

The following statements about the IBAC decision regarding the Victorian Police Officers at the Hares & Hyenas Bookstore in May 2019 can be attributed to Anna Brown, CEO Equality Australia.

The following can be attributed to Anna Brown, CEO Equality Australia

“The injuries inflicted on Nik Dimopoulos during the Hares & Hyenas raid were simply appalling.”

“Everyone should feel safe in their community. When police enter a home and use force on an innocent person– the community expects them to be held to account where they have made a mistake,”

“Our laws and system are fundamentally flawed if an innocent person can be dragged from their home and injured in this way without a proper avenue for redress or acknowledgement. This outcome does not at all meet community expectations” 

“When police get it wrong, there needs to be a way to acknowledge and repair the harm caused by police violence to innocent civilians, to start to rebuild the trust and confidence of the community in police,” 

“There have been steps taken by Victoria Police to repair its relationship with the LGBTIQ community but there’s no denying that the legacy of past police practices lives on in the memories of many members of the LGBTIQ community.”

“This decision from IBAC shows that there is still a long way to go before before trust can be rebuilt”  


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