Thank you for letting us know your preferred name for our new fund.

The LGBTIQ+ movement has come a long way during our lifetimes, and we have much progress to be proud of, but developments around the world highlight the fragility of this progress.  

Around the world anti-equality lobbyists are working to wind back our rights, and Australia is no exception. Here at home, our opponents are well resourced; they organise in new and sophisticated ways, and increasingly we see anti-equality elements within political parties openly campaigning against our communities. It is clear that there will always be a need for a vanguard for our community that is strong, effective, and has a long-term and secure source of income. 

That is why Equality Australia is creating this fund for the future — to fend off the attacks and protect the gains. Established in partnership with Perpetual, our fund for the future recognises the intergenerational nature of our work and will ensure our community has a voice in the long term.  

If you’d like to know more about the fund, sign up below and we’ll let you know as soon as we’ve launched!