We’ve never had a better shot at ending LGBTQA+ conversion practices in NSW.

Thanks to the efforts of survivors and those who support them, there is now a multi-partisan consensus that these harmful practices must be stamped out.

But already our opponents are attempting to scuttle these life-saving reforms by misrepresenting the effect of world-leading laws in Victoria.

That’s why it’s vital we unite behind survivors to ensure the NSW Parliament delivers a scheme that properly protects LGBTQA+ people from these damaging practices, wherever they occur.

Will you add your name to a three-point plan to ensure we’re all #FreeToBe ourselves?

To the Parliament of NSW:

Conversion practices that seek to change or suppress a person’s sexuality or gender identity remain legal in NSW.

Based on the lie that LGBTQA+ people are broken or disordered and that our sexuality or gender needs to be ‘healed’, ‘treated’ or ‘suppressed’, these practices cause serious and lasting harm.

As conversion survivors and the community that supports them, we call on you to work with survivors to swiftly introduce laws like those in Victoria, the ACT and New Zealand to end these damaging practices.

An effective scheme must:

  • Protect all LGBTQA+ people;
  • Apply to any setting, including religious settings; and
  • Prevent harm before it occurs, by including a civil response that focuses on education.


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