The second exposure draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill remains deeply flawed and we strongly urge the Government not to proceed with the Religious Discrimination Bill

The Religious Discrimination Bill is a complex, uncertain, and flawed piece of legislation.  The first exposure draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill failed to achieve community consensus.  It was criticised by business, employee, faith-based, human rights, legal experts, medical professionals, and other groups. Despite an opportunity to improve this legislation following the first round of consultation, the proposed legislation fails to make changes needed to achieve community consensus and ensure equality for all. 

Australians reject provisions that threaten our access to appropriate and non-judgemental healthcare, no matter where we live.  Australians do not want our workplaces, schools and services diminished by people who wish to take advantage of special protections in order to demean our lives or beliefs (whether religious or not).  Australians want our laws to protect all of us, equally.  Because the Religious Discrimination Bill fails to do this, we oppose it. 

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