COVID-19 Submission

COVID-19 has been allowed to magnify existing inequalities for LGBTIQ+ people, particularly in employment, mental health, access to inclusive services, and in finding welcoming and safe spaces.   This submission gives voice to the LGBTIQ+ people of Australia: their key concerns and worries regarding COVID-19 and the government and community response to it, and prominent issues arising from our […]

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Anti-vilification protections submission

Equality Australia welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Victorian Parliament’s inquiry into Anti-vilification Protections.  Every LGBTIQ+ Victorian should be able to walk down any street and participate fully in all aspects of public life with their heads held high. That is, without facing or fearing any vilification or hate-based conduct on the […]

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LGBTQ conversion practices submission

Equality Australia’s submission in response to the Victorian Government’s discussion paper regarding Legislative options to implement a ban of conversion practices. Equality Australia stands with survivors of conversion practices, affirming their right to tell their stories on their own terms. We seek to understand their experiences, acknowledge their tribulations, and work with them to move […]

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Equality Australia’s 2nd Submission

The second exposure draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill remains deeply flawed and we strongly urge the Government not to proceed with the Religious Discrimination Bill The Religious Discrimination Bill is a complex, uncertain, and flawed piece of legislation.  The first exposure draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill failed to achieve community consensus.  It was […]

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Equality Australia’s Submission

Equality Australia supports fair, balanced protections against discrimination on the grounds of religious belief and activity, but not laws granting some a licence to discriminate against others. Equality Australia welcomes the opportunity to make a submission to the Attorney-General Department’s consultation on the exposure drafts of the Religious Freedom Bills.

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